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April 30th, 2010 No comments

I am hardly a poet by any stretch of the imagination, but on one or two occasions in my life I have never-the-less been inspired enough to put pen to paper.

The following expresses what I was feeling whilst I was preparing to leave Adelaide, after having lived there for 18 years – a very meaningful phase of my life. It still brings a tear to my eye, each time I re-discover, re-read it, and re-remember everything and everyone who made it so special to me. The photo is one I took myself one Easter, just south of Adelaide, South Australia.


I came here unprepared

For the stark beauty and harshness of the summer sun

Which burns the lingering clouds away

For the leafy hills that slowly brown and crisp

And yet from which the cooling breezes arise

For the crystal azure beaches still and broad

With sensuous pure sands flowing between my toes

For the market bustling with freshness and life and cheer

Abundant with the fruits of the earth, not so barren here

For the winter showers and gusty hail

Replenishing the parched soil til it overflows

Adelaide I will miss you

I came here unprepared

For the openness, for the friendships, for the camaraderie

For the alternative, the traditional, the blended mixture

Of beings and souls who have wandered alongside me for a while

And which has opened my heart more than I thought it ever could

Adelaide I will miss you

I came here unprepared

To become more human

To become more myself

And to enjoy each moment as it arose

More and more with each passing day

Adelaide I will miss you

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